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Temple Concord, a Reform congregation affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism, represents a modern interpretation of Jewish tradition, designed to meet the individual's search for personal Jewish identity and meaning within the context of community. Together, we explore and engage in worship (avodah), community (am yisrael) and education (torah).


Temple Concord offers a welcoming and inclusive Reform Jewish experience to a diverse congregation, creating connections and increasing engagement in the Greater Binghamton community.


We pride ourselves on our inspiring worship experiences, lifelong study opportunities, and the fullness of our religious and cultural offerings. We motivate people of diverse backgrounds to participate in, deepen, and enjoy their engagement in Jewish life; while creating a more inclusive Jewish community.


We are a community of warmth and awareness where every individual matters. From singles and families, LGBTQ or straight, near or far, Jews by birth or by choice, our members come from diverse backgrounds and work in conjunction with one another to make this amazing community.

Our History

Our first full time rabbi was Elihu Schagrin, who served from 1954 through his retirement in 1985.  Our next rabbi was Arnold Fertig, who served from 1985 to 1990.  During Rabbi Fertig’s time, Temple Concord supported the cause of Soviet Jewry.  Our Torah study group was created during his tenure.  The third rabbi to serve Temple Concord was Lance Sussman from 1990 to 2001. During Rabbi Sussman’s tenure, we had a group tour of Israel in 1992; Hanukkah House museum and Keshet Press were started.  From 2001 to 2005, our rabbi was Michelle Medwin.  During her tenure, we developed a strong Jewish music appreciation program, which included the publication of our first Temple Concord Jewish music CD.  Rabbi David Katz served from 2005 to 2008. During his tenure, the Meah program (formal study of Jewish history for 100 hours) was implemented. Rabbi Barbara Goldman-Wartell became our rabbi in 2008. She has been very active in the local community. You can find a newspaper interview with Rabbi Barbara on her subpage. Rabbi Barbara has strongly supported our efforts at Outreach and support of the LGBT community. .