Our Hebrew and Shabbat schools

are open to children of members and non-members

The School is the stronghold of Reform religious education in the area. Our faculty seeks to impart a love of our religious heritage to our students and help them identify with the Jewish people throughout its history.  Temple Concord has a comprehensive Religious/Hebrew School program, starting with Kindergarten and progressing to Confirmation.  

Temple Concord Religious School provides a warm, welcoming and inclusive liberal learning environment for students in kindergarten through tenth grade. It offers a balanced program of instruction in Jewish religious concepts, Hebrew and basic Reform religious practices.

Our teachers seek to impartial love of our religious heritage to our students and help to identify with the Jewish people throughout its history. Vibrant and caring Religious School is a fun way for children and their families to learn, celebrate and worship together. 

Our Mission

  • Provide a warm, caring and fun environment for our children that will spark the love of learning, appreciation of our tradition and heritage and pride their Jewish identity.

  • Teach our children the basic practices and values of Judaism and enable them to live a meaningful Jewish life as mature adults.

  • Offer religious and educational resources and support to families of all backgrounds.



Kindergarten through seventh grade classes meet on Saturdays. Students learn Bible stories, life cycle events, Jewish history, customs and traditions The classes are followed by a family Shabbat service.

We are fortunate to have experienced teachers who are caring, warm and dedicate. Our teachers go beyond textbook lessons by making learning creative, memorable, positive and fun for our students During Saturday classes, teachers use hands-on activities such as drama, music, arts and crafts to bring Judaism alive.



Starting in third grade, our students come on Tuesdays and Thursdays for one hour of Hebrew Language classes. Our students learn how to read and write Hebrew, they are introduce to basic Modern Hebrew language and the service and religious practices. Once a year, our Hebrew school students lead the Shabbat morning service. The Shabbat service is followed by a class lunch that is opened to the community.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah 

Bar & Bat Mitzvah preparation is a part of our Hebrew curriculum. The students become familiar and comfortable with the service, the prayers and their meanings. They learn how to lead the service, and read or chant their Torah portions and Haftorah.




​Tot Shabbat is a program for preschool age children that provides the toddlers with first test of Judaism. The program meets once a month and is opened for all.​

Kollel & Confirmation


Student who attend these classes are intellectually challenged to reach a deeper level and discuss variety of topics, such as God, Jewish identity, current events, the issues facing Jews today and more.   
The students examine the differences and similarities of various branches of Judaism when learning Comparative Judaism. They also learn about anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. 
The tenth grade, joins nearly 2,000 high school-aged Jewish students in the annual Religious Action Center's L'Taken Seminar in Washington, D.C.