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Recent Events

Counting the Omer

"The seven weeks of counting the Omer spans the 49 days between the second day of Passover and the beginning of Shavuot. Thus, S'firat HaOmer links the Exodus from Egypt with the giving of the Torah at Sinai. Jewish mystics expanded upon this historical bond, seeing the period as joining the Jewish people's physical (Pesach) and spiritual (Shavuot) redemption."

Rabbi Daniel B. Syme

12:00 pm  Counting the Omer - An Exploration of the Jewish People's Transformation

Studying Our Sacred Texts While Counting Our Days: An In-Depth Exploration of Nevi’im and K’tuvim During the Time of the Omer on Zoom

Session 2: The Books of Ezra & Nehemiah

Join 14 Rabbis from across the country as we learn about seven different books from Prophets and Writings over seven weeks.

Attend one session or all by signing up for this series at

Wednesday, April 19


Wednesday, April 19th
Sisterhood Dinner


Schmooze, Elections, and 'Left Right Center'

5:30 pm Bring Your Own Dinner and Shmooze
7:00 pm Elections followed by “Left Right Center” game (bring 3 quarters to play!)
There is no charge for this program.  Please RSVP by Monday April 17th to Phyllis Kellenberger at 

Learn Passover Seder Prep with Rabbi Barbara
Thursday, March 23

7:00-8:30 pm

In person and on Zoom

Are you leading a Passover seder for the first time? Do you want to refresh your seder for you and those around your table?  Come learn more about leading a seder and making it meaningful for you and your guests of all ages. 

RSVP required if you are attending in person.

 If you would like this program to be offered earlier in the day as well, please let us know in the office.

To join us on Zoom:

Meeting ID:  834 6822 5969  Passcode:  952695

Adult Purim Celebration is a

Murder Mystery Dinner!

Who’s the Hangman?  A Megillah Mystery

Saturday, March 4, 5:30 and 7:00pm

(reservations required by March 1st)

Choose to join either the first session at 5:30pm which starts with the murder mystery and culminates with dinner or the second session at 7:00pm which starts with dinner and culminates with the second murder mystery.


Dinner will be a Greek-style vegetarian buffet, prepared by the Greek House.


Each person will be assigned a character based on the Book of Esther. During each performance we will gather to determine who actually killed Haman.

Make your reservation with $20 per person with the office no later than March 1st.

Parts will be assigned for each session (maximum 20, minimum 7).

Call or email the office at (607) 723-7355 or Let us know which session you’d like to attend, and we’ll send you a confirmation email including your character for the evening.

Happy Purim and Happy Sleuthing!

Sunday, January 29, 11AM 

Temple Concord Sisterhood Annual Book Talk by
Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Please join us as Rabbi Rachel Esserman reviews and discusses three books:

  • Shanda:  A Memoir of Shame and Secrecy” by Letty Cottin Porgrebin is a memoir by the noted feminist that tells of the secrets and lies in her family kept by her family, and how they affected her life. 

  • “From Dust, A Flame” by Rebecca Podos is a young adult fantasy filled with mystery and suspense that takes place in contemporary times. 

  • Village Idiot” by Steve Stern is a novel about Jewish artist Chaim Soutine which has been described as both "heartbreaking and funny."

This program is open to the community!

Brunch will be served.  There is no charge for the program.


Reservations should be made by contacting Phyllis Kellenberger at or (607) 727-8305 by Wednesday January 25th.  

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