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Rabbi Barbara


Our Reform View of Worship

Worship at Temple Concord follows the Reform tradition of cherishing the breadth and wonder of our traditions while exploring innovation to support our members in their love of God, Torah, Israel and social justice in our contemporary world.  Worship at Temple Concord can be a singular or communal experience.


Our services are open to members of our congregation, their guests, and anyone who would like to worship with us in peace. There is no formal dress code and knowledge of Hebrew is not required to enjoy our worship services.


Services are held on Shabbat, High Holidays and other holidays and festivals.  Services are multi-access - you can join us either in person at Temple Concord, or on Zoom, or Facebook Live.  Click on our calendar to connect to our services via Zoom.

Shabbat Services

Friday night services bring a busy week to an end, with prayers to inspire our spirits and joyful music to lift our hearts. Meeting with fellow congregants, greeting visitors, and listening to insightful teachings enrich our experience of Shabbat Shalom.

Saturday morning family services are warm and lively! Students of all ages from our Religious School are regular participants. A special Tot Shabbat is held monthly for preschoolers and those who love them.

Our Havdalah service is a brief ritual held as the sun sets and we take a moment to mark the end of Shabbat.

Shabbat Services


7:30PM - 9:00PM: Shabbat Services


10:30AM - 11:30AM: Shabbat Family Services

7:00PM: Havdalah

Become a Part of Our Family

Join together with us for a beautiful and uplifting service in which we retell our collective story and orient our hearts and minds on the highest good that we can imagine. Providing for and sustaining meaningful communal worship is at the core of Temple Concord.

Please join us and share in the joy of Shabbat.

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